Nordic championship bouldering 2023/ Norgescup buldring 25. Mar 2023, kl 09:00 - 26. Mar 2023, kl 16:30

Oslo Klatreklubb, Kolsås Klatreklubb and the Norwegian Climbing Federation welcome you to Nordic Boulder Championships 2023 in Oslo!

We are pleased to welcome you to the Nordic Bouldering Championships in Oslo 25 – 26. March 2023. The event also include the Norwegian cup in the same competition, and we expect many participants. Saturday’s qualifications will take place at two different arenas, and  Sunday’s finals in a third.

Last update:  2023-03-20 (timetable: qualification U20F, SrF and U18M, list of athletes)

Nearly 350 participants - is this a new Nordic record...?


Organization and contact

Arena and event
Main organizer: Kolsås Klatreklubb & Oslo Klatreklubb
Phone: +47 408 05 476 (SMS),

Norwegian Climbing Federation
Jørn A. Øwre Smørbøl: +47 452 34 288,
Nicki Horak: +46 70-552 61 22,

Competition Venues

Please make sure you meet at the correct venue.

Qualification U16 female, U16 male and U18 female
Vulkan Klatresenter.
Address: Vulkan 13, 0178 Oslo. Google Maps.
Public transport: Bus 34 or 54 to Telthusbakken (3 min walk).
(The climbing gym will be closed to public climbing during the competition. Unfortunately there will be limited access to the climbing area for others than participants and officials. Participants will have to leave the gym after their qualification round, due to very limited space).

Qualification U18 male, U20 female, U20 male and Seniors female + male
Oslo Klatresenter.
Address: Olaf Helsets vei 5, 0694 Oslo. Google Maps.
Public transport: Oslo Metro (T-bane) to Skullerud (3 min walk)
(The climbing gym will be open to public climbing during the competition. Unfortunately there will be no/limited access to the climbing area for others than participants and officials. Participants will have to leave the gym after their qualification round, due to very limited space).

Finals – all categories
Klatreverket Bryn (Buldreverket).
Address: Brynsveien 3, 0667 Oslo. Google Maps.
Public transport: Oslo Metro (T-bane) to Brynseng (3 min walk)
(The climbing gym will be closed to public climbing during the competition. We will prioritize participants and officials for spectators. We have a really nice area at Brynseng School for parents and others a short walk away. This will also be our pre-isolate. We will have live streaming at Brynseng School).

Starting list and results

List of registered athletes.

Registration and technical meeting 

Friday 24. March – at Vulkan Klatresenter

19:00 – 20:30 – Registration of participants and distribution of start numbers. Attendance primarily for team leaders. Athletes without a team manager must apply for registration or coordinate with a club manager from other clubs.

20:30 – Technical meeting with the head judge. Meeting is voluntary and not necessary to participate in the competition.

Schedule - Qualification - Saturday (provisional)

Please make sure you meet at the correct venue! Information about venues

U16 female, U16 male and U18 female, Vulkan Klatresenter
07:30 Gym opens for u16 female
09:00 - 11:35 Qualification U16 female
11:00 Gym opens for U16 male
12:30 - 14:45 Qualification U16 male
14:30 Gym opens for U18 female
16:00 - 18:25 Qualification U18 female
U18 male, U20 female, U20 male and Seniors male and female, Oslo Klatresenter
07:30 Gym opens for U20F and Sr female
09:00 - 11:45 Qualification U20 female and Sr female
10:15 Gym opens for U18 male
12:15 - 14:10 Qualification U18 male - group 1
14:25 - 16:20 Qualification U18 male - group 2
14:30 Gym opens for U20 male
16:50 - 19:05 Qualification U20 male
16:00 Gym opens for Senior male
19:20 - 21:15 Qualification Senior male

Schedule - Finales - Sunday (provisional)

Important! Isolation for U16 closes at 08:30 at the arena, isolation for U18, U20 and Seniors will clost at 09:00 at Brynseng skole, a few minutes walk from the venue and main isolation.

Arena: Klatreverket Bryn (different from qualifications).

07:30 Isolation open U16 - preisolation open for U18, U20, Seniors
08:30 Isolation closes U16
09:00 Pre-isolation closes for U18, U20, Seniors
09:00 - 10:00 Finales U16
09:30 Preisolation -> Isolation U18 (5 min walk)
10:00 - 10:45 Routsetting
10:45 - 11:45 Finales U18
11:15 Preisolation -> Isolation U20 (5 min walk)
11:45 - 12:45 Routsetting
12:45 - 13:45 Finales U20
13:15 Preisolation -> Isolation Seniors (5 min walk)
13:45 - 15:00 Routsetting
15:00 - 16:00 Finals seniors
  Award ceremony 


The event will be streamed online (finals only). The finale will be streamed in accordance with Norwegian legislation on data protection (GDPR) and guidelines for streaming sports from the Norwegian Sport Confederation (Norges Idrettsforbund).


Head Judge: Anders Nedgard (Oslo Klatresenter) og Henrik Wåhlin (Vulkan and Bryn).
Chief Routesetter: Adam Pustelnik, Christer Raugland og Kristoffer Klev.  Routsetters: Patrick Pedersen, Alex Raczynski, Hermann Graven, Joakim Louis Sæther and Oskar Paulen.

Each participating federation shall accompany and send one national judge.


Registration is closed. For questions, please contact Jørn A. Øwre Smørbøl: +47 452 34 288,


The Contest Format is a fixed period, 5 attempts, “flash” format, conducted without demonstration.

Each course shall consist of eight (8) boulders, which shall be numbered from 1 to 8 in approximate order of difficulty, e.g., 1/2 = soft, 3/4/5 = medium, 6/7/8 = hard.

The climbing time for any round shall be determined as follows:

Number of Competitors:  Climbing Time (minutes)
0 - 30: 105 minutes
31 - 35: 115 minutes
36 - 40: 125 minutes
41 - 45: 135 minutes
An additional 10 minutes shall be allocated for each increment of five (5) competitors.

The start and end of the climbing time shall be announced by a sound signal. The end of the round shall be preceded by a warning signal when one minute of the time remains. Boulders may be marked using a single color of holds.


A final round in the mode of the IFSC-WC Series Semi-final Mode consisting of a single course of four (4) boulders, with a respective fixed final quota of eight (8) competitors with following modifications.

The final round shall be preceded by a collective observation period of eight (8) minutes for all boulders. It is free for every athlete to determine the time and order for each boulder.

The final rounds will be organized as a series attempt rotations for each boulder including:
a) A preparation period of fifteen (15) seconds and b) a climbing period of four (4) minutes for the final round. No extra observation time is given.


U16 (born in 2010)*
U16 (born in 2009 and 2008)
U18 (born in 2007 and 2006)
U20 (born in 2005 and 2004)
Seniors (2003<)

* The category for Norwegian Cup includes youths born 2010. They will not be able to participate in the Nordic Championships, but will compete together with the category U16, as they do in the ordinary Norwegian Cup.

Travel information

Flying to Gardermoen, Oslo Lufthavn, will be an easy option for most visitors. Oslo Airport has excellent ground transport connections to and from the airport. Cheapest option is the VY train (20 minutes).

There are good public transport in Oslo. The easiest way to plan your trip in Oslo (and also to/from airport) is by using "Ruter".  Available on web and app for iOS and Android.

Flight discount
Participants can use youth tickets (ungdomsbilletter) at SAS and Norwegian (code: Under26). SAS also have Sports tickets available on or your local SAS booking website.


Thon Hotels have sports price discount – book through (offer code TH87830 and Norges Klatreforbund as company when booking). Thon Hotel Slottsparken, Thon Hotel Europa, Thon Hotel Cecil, and Thon Hotel Opera are all located in the city center, and close to public transport.


Spectators are unfortunately not allowed during the qualification, due to very limited space in the climbing gym. For the finales, we have much more space but we will prioritize participants and official coaches where space is limited. 

Doping regulations

By participating, the athlete agrees to comply with the currently valid antidoping rules and regulations of WADA, IFSC and Antidoping Norge.

NKF is certified as a "Clean Federation" and has zero tolerance for doping, as well as other drugs and illegal substances. The association has developed its own anti-doping policy (Norwegian only).

Doping tests are regularly carried out on athletes who participate in climbing competitions. It is the athlete's responsibility to always be informed of the regulations in force.

For Norwegian participants / For norske deltakere

Nordisk vil være en uttakskonkurranse for Norske deltaker til EYC 3 i Graz (bulder). Folgende kriterier og plasser er satt opp.

I Nordisk mesterskap må utøvere i følgende klasser oppnå minst finaleplass for å bli tatt ut til EYC 3 Buldring i Graz. De beste norske finaleutøverne vil bli tatt ut. Vi har 8 plasser tilgjengelig for uttaket til denne konkurransen.

  Jenter Gutter Totalt per klasse
U16 En plass En plass 2 plasser
U18 En plass En plass 2 plasser
U20 To plasser to plasser 4 plasser
      Totalt 8 plasser



NKF er sertifisert som et "Rent Særforbund" og har nulltoleranse for doping, samt andre rusmidler og ulovlige stoffer. Alle utøvere bes gjøre seg kjent med NFK sin antidopingpolicy.

Det blir regelmessig gjennomført dopingkontroller av utøvere som deltar i klatrekonkurranser. Det er utøverens ansvar å holde seg orientert om det til enhver tids gjeldende regelverk. Derfor oppfordrer vi alle utøvere, trenere og støtteapparat å gjennomføre Ren Utøver som er Antidoping Norges nettopplæring for utøvere. Opplæringsprogrammet er enkelt å gjennomføre og gir deg grunnleggende kunnskap i regelverket.  

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